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We began with a need for a community. 


Our Mission

The club began from the absence of a social car club at Cornell. 

In the words of our president and founder Shiveen Kumar,

"It’s hard to say exactly when I started getting into cars. Some of my earliest memories are when I was in middle school and I used to go on websites like Mercedes and Land Rover and just use their build feature to play around with all the different specs and packages. From there, my passion and interest grew and I slowly started reading, watching, and just consuming more automotive content. Ever since starting college I have put this passion of mine on the back burner. Now, I want to reignite this passion of mine, but more importantly, share this with fellow classmates. Thats the whole point of starting this club, to share this passion for all things automotive with amazing students at an incredible university." 

Our mission is to not only facilitate a space to socialize and meet others with similar interests but also connect Cornell students to the car community outside of the university. We plan to continue our mission by developing an education system for those who want to learn more about the technical side of cars. 

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